The Casino

The Roger Williams Park Casino is rented on a five-hour basis. In addition, your caterer will receive two hours for set up and one hour for breakdown. The maximum allotment of hours for an event is six hours and all events must end by midnight. An additional hour can be secured at the rate of five hundred and fifty dollars ($550.00). If your caterer or florist requires additional set up time, you will be charge one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per hour.

Non-Profit Rates


  • Monday – Thursday is a 4 hour maximum for a Non-profit event and it must end by 10:00 pm.
  • The attendance has to be 120 people and under.
  • Over 120 people is an additional $300.

Resident/Non-Resident Rates

The Monday–Thursday rate is for a five-hour event ending at 10:00 pm. You can go to 11:00 pm, however, the cost is $550 for one additional hour or $275 for a half hour.

There is an additional charge of four hundred dollars ($400.00) should you choose to have a ceremony at the Casino. This fee includes the setup and breakdown of chairs for the ceremony, as well as a rehearsal.


Ballroom – Dinner + dancing 150
Ballroom – Dinner Only 200
Ballroom – Auditorium Style 250
First Floor – Dinner 90
First Floor – Standing reception 150
Entire Facility – Standing Reception 300

  Roger Williams park is such a beautiful place for Rhode Islanders to enjoy and I think many times that I have just taken it for granted. When I was a teacher we brought a whole team of students here to enjoy Rhode Island's beautiful park with its many parts and pieces and nooks and crannies and water and fountains and hills and picnic areas including the carousel. There's just so much to see and do here and I am truly grateful for the spot.

I came through the other day and I decided to look up the history of the park because I was not really familiar with it. I knew that it was named after Roger Williams, a founder of Rhode Island but I didn't really know much more than that. So I did my homework.

The land for the park was a gift to the people of Providence in 1872, donated in the will of Betsey Williams, the last descendant of Roger Williams to inherit his land. It had been the family farm and was the last of the original land granted to Roger Williams in 1638 by Canonicus, chief of the Narragansett tribe. The family farmhouse was built in 1773 and is now known as the Betsey Williams Cottage; the cottage and the Williams family burial ground are within the park.

The original gift consisted of about 100 acres. Additional land to the south was purchased in 1891 at a cost of $359,000, consisting mostly of unimproved land that was covered with woods and ponds; it brought the total area of the park to about 400 acres.

New England is an amazing place to live. We are so rich in history of the beginnings of the United States and I think sometimes I just accept it but I've really started to look more since the pandemic and being stuck in the house so much. We have taken to going on rides around the state to look at the landscape just to entertain ourselves. It has made me much more appreciative of what we have here. If you haven't been to Roger Williams Park then you really need to go. It is a gem within the city of Providence.

thumb Jan R.